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Who Are My Clients?

Updated: Jul 17

When I meet new people and they find out I am in real estate, they'll inquire "how is the market?" and "what type of homes do you sell?".

Honestly, it is a such wide range of price ranges, housing types, even neighborhoods or geographic areas, etc... To me and to my business, that does not really define me.

Personally, I think it is much more interesting to me as to who I work for and what they do for a living. I think who hires says a more about me than the types of homes that I sell.

So, here is a list of my clients and what they do for a living. I think it says a lot!


  • Auditor, Hedge Funds

  • Compliance Manager - Trucking Company

  • Vice President, Financial Counseling (C-Level)

  • Vice President at Life & Disability Insurance

  • Tax Professional

  • Accountant (for large multinational investment company)

  • Vice President, Benefits

  • CFO Addiction/Recovery Hospital

  • Comptroller (Major Hospital System)


  • J.D. & Forensic Accountant – Litigation Specialist

  • Chief Counsel – National Home Builder (new client)

  • General Counsel – National Home Builder (yes, there is actually two of them!)

IT / Computers

  • Principal, Security Researcher (Major computer operating system you know well)

  • Cyber-threat Management (Major US bank)

  • Senior Vice President

  • Vice President - Healthcare Services (Insurance related)

  • Channel Development Manager

  • Enterprise Solutions Manager

  • Senior Collaboration Engineer (Cisco)

  • Solutions Architect

  • Senior Project Manager (Telecom)

  • Senior Technical Account Manager (Gaming Co.)

  • Technical Project Manager (B2B)

  • Project Manager (Government/Healthcare)

  • Senior Associate Systems Analyst (Major computer company, Retired)

  • Director of Installation/Deployment (Point-of-Sale, Computers)


  • CFO Addiction/Recovery Hospital

  • President/Entrepreneur of Therapeutic Counseling office

  • Vice President, Operations (Healthcare Insurance Products)

  • Numerous Psychotherapists - includes Psychologies, Licenced Professional Counselors, etc....(11+)

  • Several Registered Nurses

  • Founder & Executive Director, Chief Operations Officer of Respite Care Inn

  • Foster Parent & Ice Cream Creator/Entrepreneur


  • Project/Construction Manager (Home Builder)

  • Electrical Engineer

  • CEO/Entrepreneur (Commercial Construction Co., $30M+)

  • Data Scientist (Major Retailer)

  • Head of Security (Private School)

  • Marketing Communications Professional – Special Events

  • Small Business Owner ($1M)

  • Electrical Engineer – Elevator Industry

  • Mortgage Processor (30+ years, Retired)

  • Marketing Manager - Roofing Company

  • Graphic Artist - Food Service

  • Chef - Restaurant

I get to work with some very intelligent people. And, I think it tells a story of who matches up and works well together, which often is typically like-minded people.

I think it also gives an indication of shared values, characteristics, personality types, and other attributes like being detail-oriented and having good acumen.

If you would like to learn more about how I work and how it might help you, too...

please call me at 470-786-4851.

Best regards,

Tom Andre Associate Broker, REALTOR®, & Licensed Professional Counselor (GA-LPC) ATLANTA COMMUNITIES REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE (w) 470-786-7851

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