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  • Writer's pictureTom Andre, Associate Broker, REALTOR®, & Licensed Professional Counselor (GA-LPC)

Behind Every (Real Estate) Transaction... Is A Transition.

Transactions are motivated by a transition, usually associated with a life-stage change of some sort.

What is a life-stage? They are life changes or transitions may include things like finishing education, starting a new career, getting married and/or divorced, adjusting to aging, medical-related issues, and even a death in the family and most often are associated with an age range.

From transitioning to adulthood and into the golden years. It is the planned and the unplanned “life trajectory” path that your journey takes you on. Every life stage is connected, and what happens in each, affects all the stages to come. The life experiences in each stage build upon one another and prepare a person for the future life stages.

These things can have a serious impact on general health and wellbeing because often they are emotionally-charged.

They also are often the driving force behind a move and/or real estate transaction. It's a personal disruption, whether the reasons are positive or negative.

It could be a post-divorce (ing), empty-nesting, and downsizing while navigating being newly single and selling their marital home (with many memories in it) while planning for their next phase of life.

I see this in real estate with my clients and others. I think almost every real estate agent must see it, too, but my lens is slightly different because of my background as a licensed psychotherapist (LPC-GA).

And, a little of bit (or a lot of it) of what is going on in people's lives will end up in the transaction. It helps (or hurts) the tonality of the negotiation, the mindset of all parties, and it often has an effect on the outcome. It shows up one way or another... and must be handled delicately.

Buying or Selling your home can be a difficult process in itself, but, it doesn’t have to be. Most people are looking for a REALTOR® who will listen to you and that you can come to actually trust. I understand that it can be overwhelming with all of the options out there, but it shouldn’t be this difficult to find a professional who can understand you, your needs and who will guide you through the process gently and efficiently.

If you'd like to consult with a friendly, sensitive, but business-minded professional REALTOR® who sells real estate 100% full-time, feel free to reach out to me.

I can be reached on my personal cell phone at 470-486-7851. All calls and inquiries are kept confidential.

You can also check out and/or download my digital business card at or by scanning this QR code.


- Tom


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