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Closed @ $35,000 Above Asking Price!!

4062 Christacy Way Marietta, Georgia 30066 / Thornbrook Subdivision

We listed this house a 1-week after the renovated neighboring house at 4064 Christacy Way hit the market. Both homes were traditional homes, very similar in size, and in configuration. The house at 4064 listed at $360k with very little data (and comparable sales to support it.) They had several immediate offers and took one that looked good. With it being off the market rather quickly, it helped refine my marketing strategy for 4062.

We did some of what I'd call pre-gaming this listing by having the roof checked for storm damage. I use Northpoint Roofing Systems in Woodstock to inspect the roof of properties for my clients. In this case, they identified a recent history of storms and actual storm damage, which enabled a successful claim to be filed for a new roof. This only cost my client $1k in her deductible.

4062 listed at $370k with some justification with the list price of the neighboring house plus the new roof.

The listing went live on a Wednesday along with back-to-back open houses on Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday, 50+ buyers had toured the home with either their agent or at one of the open house.

By the following Monday, we had 6 offers in hand.

Some sellers do not like an agent doing open houses because they believe it won't sell the house. I disagree. Many times buyers who made an offer on the home (or are really interested in the home) return to the home during the open house. This can help because when they see the other potential buyers who are interested, they may be apt to change and/or increase their offer. It also helps because those buyers talk. No, I don't ask questions of buyers who have agents... but, that doesn't mean they don't offer me information on their own regard. My experience has been this is a very good strategy.

By Wednesday, we vetted the 6-offers and chose one to work with. I am not a personal fan of "highest and best", but I do prefer the highest quality offer especially in this very tight market.

On 9/9/21, we closed at $405k, which was $35k over our asking price of $370k. There was zero ($0) in repairs to be made and zero in concessions.

PS The house at 4064 closed on 8/31/21 at $9k above the list price.

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