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You've Never Seen A Business Card Like This!

Let's face it, marketing is imperative in real estate! Whether it be the Zillows of this world or an individual agent, marketing is an essential part of the special sauce.

Without it, no one will know what makes you or your service so special. It works as an introduction to experiencing that 'special sauce'.

And, what works at one time may not work at another.

I used to get a lot of compliments on the design of my paper business card, but you have never seen anything like this new digital business card of mine!!

It is dynamic and makes an unbelievable impression! You have never seen anything like it!

If you are on your computer you can use your phone to scan the QR code above. Or, you can also click this link to view the card:

What's so different about this card? Well, if you are on your phone you can...

  • Add or update my contact card on your phone via downloading a .VCF card

  • Forward this GoCard to another person's phone

  • Scan this GoCard onto another phone (via the QR code)

  • Hit my website with either the (i) or the (WWW) icons.

  • Play videos from my appearances on The American Dream TV Show or any other videos via the 'Play' button or the Youtube link.

  • Connect on any of my social media apps (Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc...)

  • Read client testimonials and reviews on any of the sites such as REALTOR, Zillow, and Google.

This new GoCard is, in part, how I have upgraded my own marketing, let's see how I can market your home, handle your referral, or help you locate your dream home!

Remember, I am never too busy for your referrals! So, share and forward my GoCard with anyone who might need my help. I promise I will take great care of them!

Thank you!

Tom Andre

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