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The House of Baseball Hall of Famer, Ty Cobb, Sold!!

This sale of mine was a complete "HOME RUN."

Neither because the baseball legend and Georgia native, Ty Cobb, once lived here nor because it is an 1879 historic property that was built by a U.S. Ambassador Alexander Lawton (not to mention he was had been a General in the Civil War and also President of the American railroad), but my client bought it to use it as a RESPITE CARE for CAREGIVERS.

What's a respite care you may ask?

It is short-term relief for primary caregivers who tend to be over-stretched, tired, and burned out. These caregivers might be providing care for someone with:

Down Syndrome, Autism, Dual Diagnosis DS/ASD, Heart Conditions, Craniofacial, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, but in reality the list goes on and on.

This particular respite care, "Lawton Place Manor", aims to improve the emotional and physical health of caregivers through proactive, (and affordable), and restorative respite opportunities.

It is a place that tired, weary caregivers of all types can go for a break to rest, sleep, and get some time for themselves. Basically, it is a focused B&B for caregivers, but at a rate they can afford and one with like-minded people around them for comfort.

This one hits close to home for not only my own family, who could have used something like this (quite a few times)... but, also for many whom I've known along the way as well.

Whose eligible? What kind of caregivers... there is a whole list here:

If you know of anyone who might need a rest or break themselves, check out their upcoming events include....

As a REALTOR® who also has a background in psychotherapy (GA-LPC) many of my clients are what I refer to as "high-need" clients. They have a (real estate ) transaction, but often behind that transaction is a (life) transition of some sort.

This could be a marriage, divorce, death, retirement, downsize, right size, etc... but, even behind that life-stage change/transition - there could be another layer of complexity such as the - A Mother's Rest and myself - might even share the same clientele.

Often, I refer to my clientele as "high need" clients. They need extra help, special focused attention, and hand holding throughout the transaction while they have so many other things going on in the background of their lives. I am there for them as a guide to see them through.

If this resonates with you or someone you know and they need help or assistance with their real estate, please reach out to me and let's talk about it. My contact information is below.

Tom Andre

Atlanta Communities

Contact me through my digital business card,

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